Navy blue jabador outfit with pink embroidery

Ref.: GM38
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The jabadors consist of two garments, the shirt and the pants. The composition is 80% cotton. This garment is for unisex use and is available in 5 sizes.

 Material: 80% cotton, synthetic thread embroidery.

Measurements sizes:

Shirt measurements: length (from shoulder to hem) and chest (contour under the armpits)

size S: pants elastic waist up to 102 cm x 93 cm long, shirt 94 cm chest x 65 cm high.

size M: pants elastic waist up to 104 cm x 97 cm long, shirt 92 cm chest x 66 cm high.

size L: elastic waist pants up to 106 cm x 98 cm long, shirt 100 cm chest x 67 cm high.

size XL: pants elastic waist up to 108 cm x 103 cm, shirt 102 cm chest x 71 high.

size XXL: pants elastic waist up to 102 cm x 105 cm long, shirt 114 cm chest x 72 cm high.


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